Thursday, June 18, 2009

A call and a question

Abhigyaan , though is an experience to cherish, pride and satisfy has needs. This post, my first, perhaps is a call.

A call for the family to grow
And a call for help.

We are a happy family, the students and the student teachers, but to sustain ourselves, and succeed (a term vaguely defined but ill quote it nonetheless), we need to grow, in terms of the initiatives taken, in terms of achievements of expected deliverables, and in terms of people participating- teahers, students and volunteers. Of course, one might (as I have, countless times) prefer perfecting the symbiosis of the existing members before planning on growing, but i believe growth is, in itself a pre eminent necessity- growth gives incentive to improve, and encouragement to participate and contribute. So I call for help when I ask a question asked a countless times before in a counless different avenues, since times immemorial:

How do we scrutinize prospective applicants? How do we highlight our motives and our ideals effectively and encourage applicants who honestly believe in such work? The problem with such a question is, the answer itself is not definitive. In the sense, how do we know if a system we develop is effective? I guess I would call a system of recruitment effective if we can bring in people who

1. Want to contribute ( for incentive? for personal satisfaction? as a passion? as a responsibility?)
2. Are a valuable asset (excellent with kids, teaches brilliant, excellent language adaptation)
3. Would encourage and motivate (interacts with the 'jhopadi' community of workers, knows people at Zari and brings them in, is a marvel to watch at Abhigtyaan at work)

There might, perhaps be no ideal system. But one can try.


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