Monday, March 30, 2009

First Day

It all started with a call from an unknown number. Although it became quite familiar after the first time we spoke. The guy on the other end of the line was Kaushik and he asked me if I was free and can come to C-Wing, this actually meant that I can join Abhigyaan right then if am willing to.

I remember that before I joined Abhigyaan, I actually never considered it as a place I would stick to for long. I was indifferent towards the fact that something like that existed. I remember shouting at Krishan for behaving like a paranoid when it came to Abhigyaan timings. This was the story untill Durga Puja 2008.

After the Puja, I had reasons.

In less than a week those reasons had a 180 degrees phase shift and the earlier ones started sounding stupid to me, they even embarrass me at times but by now probably the actual purpose of Abhigyaan took over me.

Anyways, coming back to my first day, I took not more than five minutes to reach C-Wing where Kaushik introduced me to Rupa who then introduced me to Umesh, who was my student for the day.

Now being completely new to the system I was actually scared about teaching someone. Considering my previous record I undoubtedly suck at it. I have been so bad at helping others with studies that every time my sister asks for some help I end up shouting at her for asking silly questions rather than patiently dealing with the doubts.(I know, I am bad.)

Now I was blankly staring at Umesh and he reciprocated the gesture with an inquisitive gaze. Umesh had an English text book with him which actually pleased me coz English has always been my preferred subject, moreover, explaining words is easier than teaching numbers.

We read a story about the families of ants and their behavior. The story was fun and the guy was a really quick learner. So I had absolutely no trouble teaching him. An hour passed by quickly and I never even got bored.
This was my first day at Abhigyaan which I proudly cherish now.


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